Executive Director


As Executive Director of the PDV Foundation, Ms. Pazur leads a team that applies her vision for identifying gaps in suicide prevention in America, and filling those gaps through strategic communications. Calling upon a 20-year communications career, combined with personal experience with suicide loss, Ms. Pazur brings a rare vision and perspective to the field, and to Foundation efforts to advance the 2001 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP) through public/private partnerships. Ms. Pazur is responsible for planning, direction and production of PDV Foundation programs; and their overall go-to-market strategy for foundation programs and intellectual property including market planning, positioning, advertising, circulation management and segmentation, lead generation, advertising sales, sponsorships and strategic alliances, media relations and trend analysis. As former Managing Editor of Preventing Suicide: The National Journal, published under a SAMHSA-funded initiative through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Ms. Pazur created content tied to suicide issues surrounding those in military service and the link between alcohol and suicide; she also reported in depth on the groundbreaking and evidence-based U.S. Air Force suicide prevention program and its implications for transferability to other communities. Ms. Pazur began her career in communications as a freelance journalist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, where her first assignment was an in-depth cover story for the newspaper's Sunday Magazine on Cleveland's Homeless Families. She contributed more than 60 stories while with the Plain Dealer including pieces on race relations and substance-use disorders in adolescents. Ms. Pazur has managed strategic projects for multinational firms in the manufacturing, health care, consumer packaged goods, professional sports, non-profit and service sectors; these include Kimberly-Clark, Huggies, The Green Bay Packers, Aurora Health Care and American Red Cross Blood Services. She holds a bachelor's degree from Ursuline College in Cleveland, Ohio.

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