Since our inception, three guiding principles have formed the cornerstone of the PDV Foundation's platform, programs and partnerships:

FIRST, we are independent and unencumbered. We are not affiliated with any organization or entity, nor do we serve the interests of a paid membership, as do many national not-for-profits. Instead, we are unencumbered by limited-party interests, and can give voice to all relevant arenas in defining policy priorities in suicide prevention.

SECOND, we are focused on evidence-based outcomes, that is, on translating research into practice and connecting services to science. In this way, we highlight programs that are evidence-based, focusing on those in the SAMHSA NREPP (National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices).

THIRD, we are collaborative. In keeping with the public/private partnerships called for in the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention, the PDV Foundation joins with entities in diverse sectors to catalyze their growth and offer them tangible means to advance their missions.

Guiding Principles